Humanity – Questioned

Seidd held onto the windowsills of his home. The grip was strong yet soft, extreme pressure could be felt within him. The boy walked in amputation to his sister.

He kissed her and put himself within the cold arms and managed to hug her with spirit; Tears were escaping out through the ends of his firmly closed eyelids- racing down through the swollen cheeks and down to the dust dominated floor beneath.

Yet remembering the moment she died a few minutes ago as a shell fell upon their neighbours house! The memories of the agonizing removal of the parents who were shot before their eyes four days ago came into sight. All this making his heart weigh down!

The love shed by them was undespicable, yet inimitable! The children- who had not eaten for several days weren’t able to run away from the attack- causing the sister to die by the smashing concrete and the boy to become amputated and severely wounded.- Wounded not only physically, but also wounded from within the heart- now. This is just a 5 minute incident of the 24 hr day in Syria!!! Faces of mazed hope and yearning for love is common! 1000s of Innocent Children killed and orphaned every day!, Women harrassed and overall #humanity being destroyed through the most inferior type of acts! The atmosphere was still dusty and hot!. The pain was unbearable!- but who was there to actually share some #sympathy? They are the #people whose cries are not put into the radars of media. They are those whose cries, tears and voices are unheard! They are those who are yearning for a better life. A life of verdants and not of collapsed building, A life of joy and not sorrow!

How different is there life from ours?

The sounds of bomb blasts and shooting is the common traffic of the day and grass hopper screeches of the night! Tanks are the usual cars, a wind of torn clothes and dismantled building dust and taking streams of blood are the irrigation channels’ purpose! The rampant and chaos became unexpectedly deadly following the mass bombardment the past week! Many of them have not seen what it is outside of Palestine or Syria or Yemen, UKraine or any of these war-torn countries

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