Memorable Nostalgic Ambience

I was passing by the fourth Cross Street of Colombo when this got into my eyes. It connected me to a time that I now call the past!

Balancing yourself on two wheels that are just stitched together with iron rods and are powered by the force transfered to the pedals on either side and coordinating its direction through a handle that lies in front is an experience of its own. The wind that passes by and the crackling of the wheel as it goes through diverse textured floors is an unexplainable feeling indeed.

The times where stickers of all sorts were stuck onto its body and gadgets of all dimensions were fixed; from the security lights to slightly cracked Motorbike side mirrors to home-stitched bags that hung onto the bottom of the main rod.

Those were the times where the bicycle was a tool, a treasure. Those were the times where the bicycle was considered to be an opportunity maker.

All sorts of jobs were assisted by this simple machine.

You might be wondering why this article is typically based on this two wheeled aparutus?!

Well, it is because this bicycle can get synonymed to our lives, the two wheels;

The back wheel being our afterlife and the front wheel is our life in this world. The back wheel would end up in the place where the front wheel is literally calliberated to!, our place of rest solely depends on our actions here – either it’ll be a place of honour and dignity or a place of shame and loss!

The chain is the force of spiritual being, the more powerful it is, the powerful the movement would be, the higher the chain is in the gearbox, the serene it would be! even the tallest hills would be crossed with ease!

When examining closely you might see that the picture depicts gates that are not just closed but rather locked, this depicts that the opportunities aren’t just hidden but are waven away from!


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