Rain and the lack of vegies!
As you step into the ‘sathi pola’ , you are usually welcomed by echoes of vegetable names and prices!
The sounds seem to be so confusing that it seems like you are been locked in a room with woofers around you each playing a different song!

The sight of vendors neatly standing next to each other while having loads of well organized vegetable and fruit structures in front of them, each having its own handwritten price board and vendor’s wish of flavouring of dirt!

Usually, passing by each one of stalls amidst the crowd of people big and small, you’d here a call of ‘mahattayat mokakda one’ phrases along with the usual scripts of price and song lyrics.

But this week, it was different.
The stalls were nearly empty, and not many people had actually got out their couches to head to the weekend vegetable stall.

The rain would have been responsible for the contraction of the loads, spoilage of stock was quite evident. This cause would immensely affect these poor people who are not immune to even the slighest changes of their income.

This week, ‘the lyrics’ shouted were louder but by a fewer crowd, the request of ‘what do you want’, seemed like silent pleads!


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