I stand with Palestine, all the innocent and pray for peace and prosperity in this World

I work on..

Constantly learning and growing ❤️

I've had the opportunity of working with several brands across multiple industries and leaders here in Sri Lanka and from around the World.


Internal and External Communications, Corporate Communications and Messaging Strategy

Public Relations

Reputation management, Press releases, Event planning, Outreach, Market research, Internal copywriting, Media relations, Crisis management, Public Relations Strategy

Content Writing & Copywriting

Copy Writing for Traditional and New Media, Social Media Writing, Thought Leadership, Press Releases, Video Scripts, Audio Scripts, Advertising Scripts

Video Production

Storytelling, Video Marketing Strategy, Scripting, Shooting and Editing

Digital Marketing

Social Media and Digital Media Strategy, Paid Media Management, SEO Optimization, Media Buying

Training & Workshops

Media Skills, Mobile Journalism, Public Speaking, Team Building and Digital Media Skills

About Me

Ammar Ahamed - About Us Page - Working From Home

A little bit about me.

I’m Ammar Ahamed — a content creator, storyteller and a communications specialist who blends the best of writing and design into compelling and engaging brand content.

I love to speak, write and connect. I used to play basketball, hockey and swim. I have always loved a hike to the mountains, a visit to the beach or a ride to the country side on a motor bike.

A bit more

I live online – literally. I’m always on the hunt for information.

But when I’m not constantly scrolling through on my social media feed or have maxed out replying to my chats for the day, I would probably be hitting the roads for a walk, or most likely talking to a friend or punching the boxing bag. Leading an active lifestyle is a personal goal that I started with the lockdowns and I’m now trying to make it a habit. And while I’m into Public Relations and Communications right now, I don’t mind exploring other opportunities out there – I am currently venturing into Data Analytics and Performance Marketing.

I work with companies and people across a wide range of industries to help them reach their objectives. I’m quick to respond, thoughtful, and meticulous. I’m proactive, intuitive, and business-minded. Stories should be strategic, I can help not only tell brand stories but build the foundations from which great stories can be told.

From my first career as a digital marketer to the interview-inspired journalist to the copywriting and content creation work I do today, there’s nothing I love more than sitting down with another human to uncover the story and heart behind their work.

Your voice is powerful. Your work is powerful. And your story needs to be powerful enough to turn your readers and viewers into the clients and customers you’ve been dreaming about. And we can do that – we just have to make it count!

The World is full of so many beautiful hearts, work and events – yet to be discovered and told.

My family keeps me motivated, My mum has gone through a lot and she is a custodian for who I am today. My brothers and my grandma have always stood by my side. So have my friends. They are there for me when I need them and hopefully, I would too.


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