Back in Time

A memory of resilience and innocence that I love to live with! ?

I wish that I could become a child again. To have a mind free of stress, a heart free of jealousy and hypocrisy, to see and speak out of innocence. To be humble and excited at all times. To do things that I love to do and not be forced to. To break through and explore!. ?❤️‍?

Being able to go back in time and live the days of wearing clothes ? with no concern about what the attire looked like. Eating ? lunch just because your parents pushed you to and going to ? school and tuition classes with every other reason in mind but studying!

Have ⌚ time whenever you want it. Being able to go out of home ? just after school and come back with dirt all over you just in time for tea was quite undeniable.?

Talking to each other with no inner intentions in mind.

All this is just another mild memory. ✨❤️

Living life as a teenager is quite different from how our grandparents had lived theirs.

We are so challenged into fitting into the competitive world that we have to make sure we stand out in everything.

We are so attached to the digital panorama of ‘happy life’ as portrayed in media that we forget our blessings. Yet yearn for what the other has.

We are busy trying to fit in, busy convincing people around that we have perfect lives, and too busy to ?️ map out our purpose in life.

What has to be done is to step out of this frame and reveal the ‘Real versions of ourselves!’

The number of likes, comments, shares, followers and engagement is not viable to analyse success. Nor just the wealth we attain or the health we strive for!

It will all be of waste if we cant put it to good use – use to uplift our lives, the lives of those around us and the nation. ?

– Sharing a piece I wrote back in 2019

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