Who do you want to become when you grow up? / What do you want to do when you grow up?

We have all been asked this question.

And I remember myself sitting at school ?; when others went on to say ‘Doctor?‍⚕️, Engineer?‍?, Ethical Hacker?‍?, Principal ?‍? and Designer ?‍?’.
Here I was wondering what I should say!?

Before I convey my point, I’ve gotta say that I feel the typical answers to this can be answered a bit differently.

This is why,

While questions like these, do give young minds a goal to achieve ?,
A person to look up to and get mentorship from ?.
A path to navigate through to become the person who they want to be?.

I question what the question actually means.
And why the answer has to always be a role or a title?

While these ambitions are based on titles, why don’t we talk about qualities, happiness, environments and emotions.

Something like,
“I want to travel the world?, spend time with family and friends?, meet new people?‍?‍?, learn cultures and skills ☃️, help others, create an impact and go to bed everyday with gratitude and a sense of happiness❤️?.”

Isn’t this what we are all after, no matter where we live and what we do? ?️?️?
And whatever our job title or role at work might be???

Can’t we add these aspirations to our usual title based answers too?
Would it give us a different perspective on work and life and help us better use our time and energy?

Sharing my thoughts, would love to know yours.

Please feel free to add what you think about it.


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