End war before it ends you!

‘End War before it ends you’; was what I saw as graffiti on a t-shirt. I was seated in the bus and this glance I got through was from the left window of a fast moving bus. I pressed my fist, placed it on the seat that was in front of me and I laid my head to rest. I was deeply touched by it! It brought back some of my deadliest memories.

War is strange!, it doesn’t just take lives, but it pollutes the environment with anger, fear, poverty, harassment, and all types of negativities you can think of !. MOst of all it creates an illusion of confusion among people causing them to lose trust among one another- eventually causing hope held by the nationalities to fall!

#memories of when we were checked form head to toe, even the SRB(students’ record book) and the lunch box was checked. The prefects stood tall- or faces at their knees! ( we were so young )An incident where a bomb was located in a child’s bag brought these regulations to effect. #War took away 80 million lives in the 19th century alone. It includes the 150,000 + lives that Sri Lanka lost fighting against each other for what they believed was right!

I remember the times where people refused to take the bag of the follow poachers standing beside their seat in buses, the time where everyone was vigilant with open eyes and open ears- trying to get out of #danger, I remember the time- where a trip to the north was just a mere imagination, I remember stepping out of the house to go to school, work or to the market was a ‘goodbye’ kinda scenario, as it was like stepping into an area concealed with land mines- only returning due to the blessing of god.

I remember when newspaper headlines and radio anchors were all based on the keywords of ‘killed, dead, conquered and lost’
A time when the race was the label that decided whether the person should be associated with or not- sometimes whether they should live or not; not their personality, character, age, gender and not even their motives!
The government has announced that the 30 years of war has come to an end, but has it really? isn’t there still wounds that are to be cured ? don’t we see the scars left behind?
Lets unite!
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